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Remote collaboration is today’s reality, but we believe it’s so much more. Working from anywhere (WFA) allows us all to thrive — opening perspectives and creating new opportunities in our work and our lives. That’s why we’re building the most revolutionary collaboration technology the world has ever seen.

Team Conferencing On and Off-site Hybrid Meeting with Meeting Owl Pro

360 Degrees of Innovation

Roboticist Mark Schnittman felt disconnected with colleagues while working remotely. To keep him included, his team put a laptop on a swivel stool. Inspiration struck. He partnered with his former iRobot colleague, Max Makeev, to found Owl Labs. After many late nights, crumpled sketches, and coffee stains, they introduced the world’s first-ever (and totally lovable) 360º camera, mic, and speaker device.

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We're bringing WFA to Life Every Day

Maddie Baker

Maddie Baker, Sr. designer, designs from London

Joao Fayad-006-Square

João Fayad, engineer, builds products at our HQ in Boston

Jeanette shot 482dede3-1434-4b8b-aac2-ad5ff0af584a

Jeanette Wiley, Customer Care, chats with customers in Colorado


Rob Heise, Partner Sales, creates deals in Denver

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"The way the Owl follows faces is almost magic."

Dan D., Healthcare

"We let the Owl turn its head instead of us for a natural webcam meeting."

Guy K., Manufacturing

"These owls have allowed us to expand our classroom reach and provide more programming."

Andy W., Education

"Really great product providing a much needed portability and mobility to the video conferencing world... the simplicity of the product and ease of usage makes it great for any kind of user level"

Jordi O., Healthcare

"Indispensible tool for connecting remote and in-building teams."

Chad A., Manufacturing

Hoots and Hollers

WFA productivity stays the same or increases compared to on-site performance.


Tools to Help you Work From Anywhere


Meeting Cost Calculator

Find out whether that meeting was worth it


Meeting Agenda Templates

Keep the tangents to a minimum

Data Report

2022 State of Remote Work

A look at how U.S. employees feel about remote and hybrid work, how their behaviors have evolved since the pandemic, and how employers are adjusting to new hybrid expectations.

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